Personal Biography

All lawyers should have outside interests to keep themselves well-rounded. Of course family for Bruce is number one.

In addition to writing appellate arguments for his clients over the years, Bruce has authored two novels, The Widow’s Son (winner of the FirstNovelFest 2000) and River Ghosts under the pen name B.R Robb (winner of a Kirkus starred review and selected review from Publishers Weekly). Just check out You can read the first chapter of River Ghosts for free simply by clicking on its web page cover. He also writes for a monthly print magazine, Silent Sports, with an Internet web site of

Active in cross-country ski racing, Bruce has taken this interest over the years as a means to help raise funds for research into macular degeneration (vision loss suffered by 25 percent of all people during their lives), as well as blood cancer research, and has more efforts planned. He has volunteered at Lazarus House in St. Charles, IL, a shelter for those in need of a home until they can get back on their feet, which has included advising people on the computer resource center and other materials at Kane County’s highly respected Law Library.