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Aurora Criminal Defense Attorney / Criminal Charges: 2009

Wednesday, December 16th, 2009

In defending drug chrages and drug cases in particular in 2009, I’ve noticed something uplifting. It seems I have had the benefit of witnessing more than a few of my clients achieve sobriety this year, maintaining it, keeping drug addiction urges at bay. And, off course, avoiding any new criminal charges.My role as the criminal defense attorney is to give my all to provide the opportunity, through effective negotiations, trials, motions to quash, and contested sentencing hearings, so that my clients who come to me for a drug treatment opportunity in fact get that opportunity. But the bottom line is that each person has to take advantage of the resource. The criminally charged clients are the fighters and the heros, to themselves and their family you long for their loved one’s sobriety.

I wish each of you the best, and continued success. Work to avoid the relapse but if you do relapse, don’t run away from what you’ve learned. It has been a privilege to represent each of you, and to be a witness to your fight, and your success.